Collection: Sunglasses

Explore our exclusive selection of vintage Swatch brand sunglasses, models from the year '92 with very limited units. These glasses not only add a fun and colorful touch to your style, but are also a unique piece for collectors and retro fashion lovers.

Fun and Colorful Models

Our sunglasses modelsVintage SwatchThey offer a variety of fun and vibrant styles. With bold interchangeable frames and bold colors, each pair is designed to stand out and complement your unique personality.

Limited edition

Swatch sunglasses from '92 are a rarity on the market. With very limited units, these glasses are a unique opportunity for those looking to add an element of nostalgia and exclusivity to their accessory collection.

Style and Versatility

Combine our vintage sunglasses with anysetfor a retro and chic touch. Perfect for outdoor events, summer days or simply to add a special detail to your daily look.

Discover our vintage Swatch sunglasses from '92 atHangover of Fashionand get your hands on a piece of fashion history. Explore our selection and find the perfect pair that will elevate your style with a unique and retro touch.

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