About us


Hangover of Fashion is not just an online fashion store; we are a passionate club that believes in a sustainable world and the lasting beauty of fashion. Our philosophy is based on the idea that fashion should not only reflect your personal style, but also your commitment to the planet and future generations.

We believe in quality over quantity. Our mission is to offer high-quality clothing and accessories that become fundamental pieces in your wardrobe, lasting over time. We want every purchase you make with us to be an investment in your style and a more sustainable future.

At Hangover of Fashion, we value sustainability above all else. We strive to reduce our impact on the environment at every step of our process, from brand selection to eco-friendly packaging. We believe that sustainable fashion is the only true fashion, and we are committed to leading the change towards a more conscious and responsible world.

Furthermore, we share the conviction that fashion should not be ephemeral. Instead of throwing away garments with each change of season, we encourage the idea of ​​passing down garments from generation to generation. We are excited to search through our grandmothers' and parents' closets, find authentic treasures and give them a second, third or even fourth life. We believe this tradition will endure if we all take steps to consume more consciously and abandon fast fashion culture.

At Hangover of Fashion, we are committed to leading this cultural shift towards a more sustainable fashion world, where quality, durability and environmental responsibility are the norm. Join us on this journey and discover a better way to express your style while taking care of our beautiful planet.

Together, we can build a more sustainable and elegant future for generations to come.


Happy Holidays!