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Icone Lingerie



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Pink, green and white striped pareo. Ideal for days at the beach or pool, it weighs nothing and fits in any bag.

You can wear it as a towel or dress it in different ways, such as a dress around the neck or chest and as a skirt around the waist. It is a soft and pleasant accessory to wear thanks to its thin and light material that accompanies you throughout the summer.

It measures 1.60 meters long and 1.16 meters wide.

Fine and light 100% Italian viscose fabric. This brand collaborates with 3 trusted partners in Tunisia. A guarantee of finesse, they are recognized for their experience and skill in making models of clothing for the home.

To enjoy the qualities of our garments in the long term, we recommend that you follow our care recommendations. Place your garment in a washing bag and start a program at low temperature (between 15 and 30°). For drying, never use a dryer and be sure to spread your garment without pins to avoid marking the fabric.

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