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The Filippo necklace is a true work of art handmade in Italy. The chain is woven with gold thread and features a colored zirconia stone and pearls, plus a beautiful "Testa di Moro" made of Sicilian ceramic from Caltagirone and a natural pearl.

You can wear it short or long, depending on your style and preference. The head measures 4 cm and the chain is 60 cm long.

Each necklace is unique and handmade in Italy, which means there may be slight variations in length or color. But that's what makes it perfect and unique in its own way.

Also, did you know that these faces are known as "Testa di Moro" and hide a fascinating legend? During the Moorish rule of Sicily, there was a charming young woman who lived in Palermo. One day, a young Moor passing by saw her and was captivated by her beauty and declared his love for her, which was immediately reciprocated. After some time, the young woman found out that her lover would soon have to return to his country, where his wife and children were waiting for him. Determined to take revenge, the young woman killed him while he slept. But instead of getting rid of her head, she decided to use it as a vase for her plants on her beautiful flowery balcony, so that her lover could be with her forever.

Complement your looks with a piece of Sicilian history!

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