Collection: The Code

Welcome to THE CODE, a brand where authenticity, quality and timelessness intertwine to create a unique experience for fashion lovers. Since its inception in 2012, THE CODE has been dedicated to inspiring women who value slow fashion culture and look for accessories that reflect their conscious lifestyle.

Behind THE CODE is a passionate team, committed to making a difference in the world of fashion. Based in Madrid with deep roots in Galicia, each THE CODE piece carries with it the essence of Spanish craftsmanship and love for details.

From leather experts to talented textile artisans, each piece is created with dedication and attention to detail to deliver products that transcend fleeting trends.

Its timeless designs, inspired by retro nostalgia and made with coconut-engraved skins, are THE CODE's hallmark. In addition, they have the LWG (Leather Working Group) certificate, ensuring that their production practices are sustainable and respectful of the environment. At THE CODE, as at Hangover of Fashion, transparency and ethics prevail.

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